32 Random Things About Me


1. I’m 32 years old (right about now you’re saying, “I see what you did there…😉).

2. I love arts and crafts.

3. I just recently joined Snap Chat and think it’s awesome.

4. I’m an introvert but definitely love to get out and be with friends and family whenever I can.

5. I love cats.

6.  I love YouTube because there is so much you can watch and learn there.

7. I envy make up artists and what they can do with make up. Just amazing.

8. I have a user name, MJistheBOMB, that I have used since I was 14 years old. It was originally going to be NiqueLovesMJ but my mom said, “you don’t love anyone at 14, delete that and make a new one.” Good call, mom. 😂

9. Yes, “MJ” is for Michael Jackson. I was a hardcore MJ fan for many years until just before he died, I had cooled down a bit. Haha. Then after he died,  I saw, “This Is It” about six times in the theater and that was sort of my way of saying, “good bye.” to him. I will always have love for the King Of Pop.

10. Best vacation in my life was in 2011 when I took my younger sisters on a Disney Cruise. We took the Disney Wonder (ship) to the Mexican Riviera and visited Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.  There is nothing like being on a ship with nothing but ocean around you and having fun while traveling to a destination to go have more fun. Haha.

11. Now regretting that I chose 32 things that I have to write about me 😜.

12. I’ve been to MJ’s Neverland Valley Ranch 5 times back in the day when he still lived there. MJ fan heaven, let me tell you.

13. I love clouds and just looking up at the stars at night. Beautiful.

14. The journey of getting to where I want to be in life is fun. Even the times when I feel low, I know that it will always work out for me in the end.

15. Every time I receive a “like” on a hair bow I made or something, it makes me smile. I love that people love he things I create.

16. I love following arts and crafter’s like Mr. Kate and IdunnGoddess on YouTube. Their creations often inspire me. I can see something and say, “hey, I can use that technique on a hair bow!” It’s really cool how that happens. Getting inspirations from others or even the most random things for your art.

17. I love nature. I love flowers.

18. I love my mom and my sisters (Roxanne, Jennifer and Anna). They make me happy and are fun to be around.

19. I’m currently the happiest I’ve ever been in life after being away from a job I grew to hate for about a year now. I now know that it’s possible to have a job out there and be happy and content with everything.

20. I’m a cook at a small pizza restaurant which is far better than that icky casino (almost 12 years there) that turned me into a devil person that’s not who I am (completely 😈😈😈).

21. My first job was at VONS at age 17.

22. My dream is to work from home full time making hair accessories and I’m going to work hard towards that dream.

23. I have a cat named Duce. I have roommates and they have two cats named Meow-Meows and Mr. McMittens and two sibling pit bulls named Dozer and Teva.

24. I have a fascination with space and planets. I even watched an entire Astronomy 101 series recently on YouTube 😅.

25. Anything paranormal or cryptozoology related, count me in! Been into it since I was a young teen.

26. Been listening to Stassi’s Schroeder’s (from Vander pump Rules, great Bravo reality show) podcast for over a year now and I love it. Home girl is really funny, crazy, relatable and is also into the paranormal. Love her.

27. I love sweet wine and recently decided that I will only order wine when I go out drinking with friends because that stuff gets you drunk fast. I  don’t drink much so I just realized this 😂.

28. I love The Big Bang Theory and have been to about 30 tapings of it.

29. I’m a strong believer in not letting your talents go to waste. Find out what they are and make something happen.

30. Top favorite colors: green, purple, pink and orange.

31. Favorite fashions: anything vintage or vintage inspired, boho and alternative. Mostly, I’m in a T-shirt and jeans though. Haha.

32. I made it! I’m not writing anything here but this. Have a lovely day. You’re beautiful.


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