See A Penny? Pick It Up!

….and all day long you’ll have good luck! 🍀🍀🍀

We’ve all heard that one before, right? Is there really something to this old saying though? Why, yes! Yes there is!

About a year ago when I was feeling down because I was out of a job (I may have referred to my female boss as a male body part online), I began to learn about the law of attraction and how to manifest more money into my life. Through a positive attitude and some different meditation techniques, you’d be surprised what good you can bring into your life 😃.

Where’s a good place to start to start bringing in that $$$? Start picking up those pennies, damn it (I yell at you with love 💜)! Watch this video…

Interesting, huh? And just in case you didn’t watch it yet I’ll summarize it for you: by walking by change on the street instead of picking it up, you are sending a message to God, the universe, whomever (did I even use that correctly? Let’s pretend I did…) you believe in that you don’t need it. It makes total sense, right?

Start picking up change whenever you find it, even if you find it in your own house and you know it’s yours and just give a silent, “thank you” and you’ll begin to notice that more and more will show up.

I can say that this actually works. I used to be that girl that was too lazy to pick up a penny or even would throw them in the trash (the horror! 😱😱😱) but nope! Not any more. I remember finding nearly 30 cents total during a walk one day after I first learned about this. It was a gradual climb to me finding that near 30 cents in a day. It started with me finding a penny a day and then maybe another day I would find ten cents and so on and so forth. I’d pick up the change, say, “thank you, God, universe, aliens, angels, fairies, who ever is listening….” and go on about my day.

That is the key to your success when trying to manifest everything that you want in life, including money: just say, “thank you” for everything that you already have….even that penny 😊.

Another great way to manifest the things you want is by visualization or meditation. Play this, for example….

…find yourself a nice, quiet spot. Close your eyes and think about the things you want in life and picture those things in your head as if they are already yours. Make a habit of meditating when you can because it does work. Actually, I think my comment (user name: MJistheBOMB, video above on YouTube) is still the first one you see of my experience with it so go read for yourself. I’m kinda laughing to myself right now because I totally mentioned the penny thing there too. Haha. At least you guys know I mean what I say on this. LOL. Take care!💖💖💖