Ghost Stories, Anyone? Vol. 3



HAPPY HALLOWEENNNNNN!!! I hope you’re all having a lovely day! It’s what some would call a “gloomy” day where I live because of the cloud cover but usually a gloomy day has me like…

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LOL…Anyway, we’ll start off with my first and only vacation in England back in 2002. I was 18 years old and I went with my best friend, her mom, brother and a mother daughter duo that were friends of the family.

We stayed at a lovely bed (I almost typed bread) and breakfast in London at one point. It was a farm house. I can’t remember if we stayed for more than one night but the night but I stayed in a room with my best friend and her brother. There were three beds in the room.

Late one night as we slept, we were suddenly awakened by my best friends bed slamming to the ground. I wake up quickly and in the darkness I see a shadow of a tall man with a wide brimmed hat coming at me in the darkness. I nearly fall out of my bed trying to avoid him and he disappears by the time he reaches me. His message was clear without words: “get the hell out of here!”

My friends brother says to his sister (and I), “Your bed was lifted off the floor!!!” She was still pretty much out of it at the time and didn’t have much of a response. It’s quite funny to think about now actually, how calm all three of us were about it. A floating bed followed by me seeing a ghost walk towards me in anger. It couldn’t have been any more clear that we were not wanted in that room by someone who was no longer alive and we lay our heads back down, “K, night guys…” LOL.


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This next story takes place about 8 years before at my best friends house. It was her birthday slumber party. There were about 10 of us little girls ranging from ages 8 to 10 years of age.

Against my friend’s mother’s wishes, our friend sneaked next door to her house to grab her ouija board and brought it back to us. All of us little girls were seated on a fold out bed in the garage. It was one of those couches that had a fold out bed, to help paint a picture.

We had no idea what we were doing with the ouija board, nor did we really care to take it seriously, as we moved the planchette (I had to google what the hell that thing was called) around ourselves and giggled. Although the girl who brought the game over thought it was moving on it’s own and said, “Oh, my goshhhhh!” as she looked on.

Out of no where, the part of the bed that was opposite of where the couch cushions would be if the bed was folded back in place started lifting off of the ground with all of us on it. So just imagine about 10 little girls suddenly sliding towards the couch as the bed is being lifted off the floor, screaming their heads off. My best friends mom comes out into the garage, “I told you not to bring that thing over here!!!”

This is an example of how powerful these boards can be.  We were just playing around with it, hadn’t even lit a candle or asked a single question I don’t think and boom! There was a spirit lurking about thinking, “you think this is a game? I’ll show you what’s up.”

So, please be careful, fellow paranormal nerds. Know what you’re getting yourself into if you ever have the urge to make contact with those on the other side, how ever you choose to do it. There are people who have good experiences, there are people who have bad experiences. I personally wouldn’t like to risk it.

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That concludes all of my ghostly experiences that were worthy of a share! I hope you all enjoyed them! I’m gonna leave you with a bonus true story that’s NOT a ghost story but definitely out ranks them all on the scary meter.

In my mid 20s when I still worked at the casino as a cook, two of my co-workers and one of their cousins did a road trip to Mexico (we live in southern, California so it’s not a huge, huge, drive) to go enjoy the night life and hit up some clubs. Three women. I couldn’t tell you where they went in Mexico exactly…maybe TJ or something.

Anyway, they’re in a club dancing, having a great time, the cousin found a cute guy to dance with, she’s making out with him all night. He invited them all to his house later but they all declined and parted ways. Cut to the cousin going to the doctor because she gets a strange rash around her mouth which she assumes is from kissing this guy.

The doctor tells her, “go back to Mexico and contact the police immediately! This is the kind of rash one gets when they eat people.” That’s right. She was making out with a possible cannibal.

Needless to say, they were smart to not go to his home. Be safe out there, people. I’m sure most of us are guilty of leaving the club with people we just met to go hang out else where but at the very least, have a few people with you so you can all beat the shit out of the guy as a team if he tries something. Haha.

Don’t live your life in fear (I know this story is a huge buzzkill, even I’m thinking back to times I could have been harmed or killed)…enjoy it! But definitely think things through before acting <3.

Until next time, folks….