I Love #TheDeadFiles!


I’ll tell you what, it’s a good thing I logged into Twitter today because I didn’t know that season 8 of The Dead Files was airing tonight! Yayyyy!


The Dead Files has been going hard since 2011 and I’ve been hooked since day one. The show is now in it’s 10th season. It is officially my top favorite paranormal show until something else tops it (I doubt that will ever happen). I’m not just saying this because Amy Allan LITERALLY clicked the link to my Etsy shop where I sell my handmade hair bows and stuff and complimented by work back in 2012 either…


By the way, I thanked her in a separate tweet (so you don’t think I’m an asshole who can’t say, “thank you”. LOL). I was still pretty new to Twitter at that time.


If you’re into the paranormal and you especially love the ghost section of it (I know I do), I highly recommend this show to you (currently airing Saturday nights at 10 on the Travel Channel. Check your local listings to be sure.) if you haven’t seen it.

So, here’s how the show works: you have a family experiencing scary things in their home on a daily basis that are spirit and/or demon related. Things that are effecting family members behavior, health, etc. to the point where they have to call Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi for help.

The way the investigation on this show is done is quite unique because you have two different investigations being done for the location at different times. Let’s also throw in the fact that you have Amy’s husband, Matthew Anderson (I didn’t realize he was her husband until a few years in), a skeptic, filming her as she does her walk through of the location. Him being a skeptic is great because he always asks Amy (the medium) the good questions throughout her walk. Check out this video I found on YouTube of him talking about it a few years back…

So, Matt will go into the house before Amy does to cover up anything and everything that would give her information about the family that lives there so that she is not influenced in any way.  Amy will then enter the home with Matt filming her, discuss what she is seeing as she does her walk and when she has completed the walk, she’ll then go to a sketch artist to have one or two drawings done of her findings. These sketches can be of the spirits of the people she’s come into contact with in the home or other strange creatures like these…

Dead Files SE6 EP5_zps4v2rc5xwd48efb7104b9c773e1206bb67fdc576c

Steve, a retired homicide detective with the N.Y.P.D, will go and do his own separate investigation. He’ll go the local library, speak to town historians, etc. and find out everything he possibly can about the clients home and the land it sits on. Who may have died there? Was there ever another house on the land before the current one? How many families have lived there? He gets all the information and the show ends with Amy and Steve sitting down with the clients in their home together to reveal their findings.

Amy will usually discuss her walk first, Steve will open the envelope with the creepy sketches in it, show them to the clients and then reveal his own findings that end up matching up with everything Amy found out just by walking through the home and interacting with the dead. He’ll even show a picture of someone who used to live there and the person will look like the spirit person she got sketched! Crazy shit, guys!

What I also take away from this show is all of the things you can learn about the spirit world that you may have never known about before. For example, did you know that LIVING PEOPLE like you and I can leave residual spirits behind too?? Did you know that LIVING PEOPLE can create poltergeist activity (P.K. manifestation, I still got it!)? These are things you learn about while watching the show.

Also, if you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home and you’re dealing with some of the things the families on the show are dealing with, stick around until the reveal at the end and pay close attention to Amy’s advice to the family of what they can do to rid their home of the spirits causing them harm. You just may be able to pick up a few tips from her and if not….you can always contact the show for help?? Haha.

A big thanks to Amy, Steve and Matt! Great show! I love it….and the Travel Channel for airing it.

That’s everything I have to say. Oh, one more thing…


Amy! That dress! That hair! Loooooove it! So stunning! Okay, I’m done.  LOL.  Bye, everyone!


EDIT: I just found out that Amy and Matt have not been together for years so that is my mistake! (Sorry, Amy and Matt! Haha).  On the plus side, at least I wasn’t nosy and dug into their personal lives? Clearly. Haha. 


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