I’m #TeamTeddi On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills


First of all, let me just say that I have loved the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills since it first aired back in 2010. Eight years just flew by, let me tell you!

Quickly frankly, I enjoy the housewives from all of the cities across the USA that have aired on Bravo. When people say, “Ugh, that city was a dud…” I never feel that way, personally. They’re ALL entertaining to me, as I enjoy watching drama that’s not my own (I even enjoyed the cancelled ones like Potomac and Miami). When ever an episode is on, no matter the city, I’m all eyes and ears, baby. Plus, there’s something very fun about watching how the rich live and behave.

The Beverly Hills housewives have a special place in my heart because they’re fellow Californians (Orange County housewives are too but I’m more drawn to the Beverly Hills housewives) and three of my favorite housewives of all time are among them.

Just in case you’re wondering, my top favorite housewives of all time are (in no particular order): Lisa Vanerpump, Lisa Rinna, Kyle, Erika, Kandi, Kim, Cynthia, Sheree and NeNe.


Getting onto what I wanted to rant about this evening….

I thought it was good of Dorit to apologize to Camille for jokingly calling her a, “stupid cunt.” In fact, based on her not giving a proper apology to Teddi, I was shocked by it. I’ll even rewind it back further and say she owes Rinna an apology as well. Rinna did a bad thing and owned it and I feel like Dorit needs to own up to the fact that she planted some seeds about Rinna possibly having a drug problem. It was something that hurt Rinna and she gave zero fucks about it. Yes, Rinna has put those lips to work and hurt people in the past but guess what? She always owns up to it and that’s why I have her listed as one of my favorites. I give props to anyone who can do what she does because let’s be real, a lot of us have trouble owning up to our mistakes.


Back to the Teddi situation, yes, Dorit should have been more understanding. Yes, she told Teddi, “I’m sorry” a thousand times on the phone but then behind her back is talking about how Teddi is exaggerating the time between the time they were supposed to meet and the time Teddi left after waiting??? Come on now!

Dorit, since you obviously had trouble giving Teddi a proper apology, let me help you out by giving you a script you could have used…

“Teddi, I just want to tell you face to face that I am truly sorry for being late that day. I told you over the phone that I thought I we were supposed to meet at 4:30 and not 4 like you thought but that doesn’t even matter. The point was, I was late and I apologize. I hope we can continue to be friends and it won’t happen again.”

…see how easy that is?…and don’t even get me started on her snobby attitude about wine glasses, champagne glasses and which drink goes in which. There’s nothing wrong with being particular about which drink goes in which glass, for the record. In someone else’s home though? That’s when it becomes officially rude. Some people just don’t care about those things and you have to respect them in their home by keeping quiet about it. Then, in the last episode that aired, Dorit ends up calling Teddi the, “psycho” in the matter?? Oy,  Dorit, we have some work to do, my love ;-).


My Dorit ranting aside, I don’t think she’s a bad person. She actually seems like a person that’s a lot of fun to be around and I find her and her husband’s relationship to be quite adorable. I’m glad she and Erika are in a good place these days after the whole “Panty-Gate” situation last season.

I adore Kyle, Lisa Vanderpump and their friendship and they constantly crack me up during their confessionals (Kyle bouncing up and down in her seat with the “turbulence is fun!” bit had me rollin’).

And last but certainly not least, miss Erika Jane. She is beautiful, talented, inspiring, has her own style, gives zero shits about what people think of her and has a maturity about her that many people these days could learn from.

This concludes everything I wanted to say about the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills tonight. Thanks for reading!


Check out this podcast called, Adderall And Compliments with Annabelle Desisto. She often does Real Housewives show recaps as well as other tv show recaps. You will be hooked, she is hilarious and just an amazing human being in general: Click Here!

Until next time….Byyyyee!!!




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