You Smile!!! How Bou Dat?!?!


So, you’re like me and your face in its natural state looks like you hate the world? Yeah, I know the feeling. Us resting bitch face folks need to stick together! We need to remind people to stop projecting their own issues with their emotions and face onto us, dammit!


For fun, I wrote a few come-backs for us to use when people try to tell us what to do with our faces. Please email me your own or even some you have found online and I’ll add them to the list any time ( or just write them in the comments section, that works as well.


Okay, let’s get to it!

Person: “You should smile…” You: “My dog died. You’re such a jerk!”

Person: “You should smile…” You: *smile at them in a creepy manner and start twitching*

Person:  “You should smile…” You: “You don’t know my LIFE!!!”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “Take off that scary mask and maybe I will.”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “You first, mother trucker!” *have fun watching their face when you say, “trucker”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “I can do better than smile…” *start singing and dancing for them and make sure the song is about the fact they told you to smile*

Person: “You should smile…” You: “You’re right, your funny face is definitely something to smile about.”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “Whatever you say, face police! Just promise you won’t write me a ticket.”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “Okay, but can we take a selfie together and be besties? “ *while getting closer to them and making them feel uncomfortable*

Person: “You should smile…” You: “What’s a smile? Can you explain? Can you demonstrate?”

This was all for fun of course (maybe) but I wanted to write a little something on the subject because I know it’s something that lots of people go through in life. Men go through it too, even if not as often as us ladies. There are also female smile police out there to be fair (trust me, I know).

To anyone who feels the need to police people’s faces? Please. Just stop. Worry about yourself. You don’t know what people are going through in life. You also need to understand that people aren’t walking Disney character masks. THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE. Going through real shit. Trying to survive in this very real world. Just stop.


Many of us have resting bitch face. Yes, it’s true. I’m the queen of thinking I was smiling in a picture when I wasn’t…


….just because we are in the zone with whatever it is we are doing doesn’t always mean we’re not happy. How about this? Work on improving your own inner being. Become a better person so that the creepy, wannabe face cop vibes can be replaced with much better vibes that actually make us want to smile at you without even having to ask us. Sound good? Okay, great.


I’m just going to end this with this amazing video. Love you all! Bye!

Written and Directed by Jessie Weinberg Director of Photography Clay Larsen Starring Allyn Rachel Casey Feigh Ingrid Haas Holly Prazoff Shannon Joy Rodgers Sarah Claspell Jessica Jardine Jane Becker Eliza Hooper Kaitlin Beauchemin Heather Regnier Connie Shin


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