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Wow! What a crazy first half of season 9, huh? Although the theme so far has been about whether or not Lisa Vanderpump was responsible for making it known to the public that a puppy that Dorit Kemsley adopted from Vanderpump Dogs ended up in a kill shelter, despite the fact that Dorit signed a contract that would fine her $5,000 if it wasn’t returned to Vanderpump Dogs should the puppy not work out.

Dorit claimed that she gave the puppy (called Lucy Lucy Apple Juice) to a trusted friend after the puppy had been bitten both her child and husband, P.K.

It is the opinion of many viewers that Dorit didn’t return Lucy back to Vanderpump Dogs out of embarrassment of the fact that it was actually the second puppy from Vanderpump Dogs that didn’t work out. I completely agree with this.

Shame on Dorit and P.K. for being not so great friends and also being careless with the life of a puppy by not honoring the contract that THEY signed and returning the dog back to Vanderpump Dogs.  Also shame on Lisa and Ken Todd for not holding them accountable for their actions.  What was the point of them signing a contract at all then? Apparently, if you’re a friend of Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, you can adopt a puppy from Vanderpump Dogs, NOT return it after it doesn’t work out and NOT get charged the fine of $5,000 like the contract you signed says. Good to know.


Unfortunately for Lisa Vanderpump, the focus this season hasn’t been on the fact that Dorit and P.K. were wrong for what they did, but instead focused on whether or not Lisa leaked the story to the press as a way of getting back at them for being careless with Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.

Do I think LVP did it? It’s definitely possible. She does have a history of manipulating situations and making it seem like she had nothing to do with it, no matter how hard she or some of the show’s viewers deny it.  They didn’t let us forget it this season either, with the constant play backs of people getting upset at Lisa, “you told me to say this and then you back out and leave me hanging…” Obviously those aren’t exact the words of anyone, just the gist of what you’ll find in those play backs of LVP’s puppeteering over the years. I just watched an interview today on Bravo.com where she was asked about the manipulation thing and she answered the question exactly how I pictured she would,

“Let me ask you this, how, if you’re a smart woman,  well hypothetically, let’s say they’re all smart women….how could you possibly be manipulated?”

She doesn’t flat out say, “No, I have never manipulated anyone…” because she knows that she has. BUT! to play devil’s advocate here a little bit, LVP is 100% correct. What smart woman would allow herself to be manipulated into doing someone else’s dirty work? Just because LVP guides you in a certain direction doesn’t mean you have to do it and if you are one of those people who can allow themselves to be manipulated into doing someone else’s dirty work then you deserve all the repercussions for your participation. LVP didn’t hold a gun to their heads, they were just being stupid. Period.

If I can give any kind of credit when it comes to this is I think she’s trying to make a good show.”-Lisa Rinna

I agree with Rinna here. Thank you LVP for giving us a great show to watch! Haha.

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Now onto the latest person who claims she was manipulated by LVP….Teddi Mellencamp. Teddi feels that LVP used her to get the story out about Dorit. Is it true? Perhaps but again…no one held a gun to Teddi’s head to make her do the things she did against Dorit. She did that all on her own. I love that she at least owned it though. In the same interview video I watched where I quoted the other ladies above, I grabbed this one from Teddi, “….the story getting out isn’t really the story. It’s the constant behavior of repeatedly doing everything you can (she’s talking about LVP) to make others look bad so you can look good…”

I definitely agree that THIS is what the theme of the season so far, especially with the play backs of Camille, Kyle, Brandi, and Lisa Rinna all talking about LVP’s manipulating behavior over the years. Even the clip of Adrienne accusing LVP of leaking a story.

I have to admit though, when I see a few of the other ladies getting so much hate on Twitter for DARING to go against LVP and THINK she would do such a thing, it’s just not fair WHEN THERE’S CLEARLY A HISTORY of this behavior by her. Doesn’t mean she is guilty this time of course but come on!

I feel that like LVP has high expectations of her friends, she could also learn some lessons in being a good friend. It’s clear to me that in LVP’s world, your friend needs to stick by your side, even when you’re 100% wrong or they’re not your friend. It definitely explains why LVP didn’t hold Dorit accountable and charge her $5,000 for her role in puppygate. How’s that, “I can do no wrong and you can do no wrong as my good friend…” thing working out for you, LVP? Moral of the story is true friends should be able to point out flaws in each other and still keep their friendships in tack if the one offending just owns it, baby!


I’ll end this blog post by saying this: I would like to remind the people sending these women hate tweets that this is a TV SHOW. They are allowing cameras to follow them around so that we can be entertained by the drama…..and we love it, don’t we? I think some of you could tone it down with the hate tweets. These are HUMAN BEINGS. They certainly have their flaws just like you do.  I may love certain housewives more than others but I don’t hate a single one of them. They all bring something very special to the table, let’s be honest. I never send hate tweets to anyone aside from Trump, personally…even with him usually nothing more than an eye roll gif or me comparing him to a bag of Cheetos. LOL!

Okay, I’m out, lovelies! I look forward to the second half of #RHOBH

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