#RHOBH #Puppygate


Wow! What a crazy first half of season 9, huh? Although the theme so far has been about whether or not Lisa Vanderpump was responsible for making it known to the public that a puppy that Dorit Kemsley adopted from Vanderpump Dogs ended up in a kill shelter, despite the fact that Dorit signed a contract that would fine her $5,000 if it wasn’t returned to Vanderpump Dogs should the puppy not work out.

Dorit claimed that she gave the puppy (called Lucy Lucy Apple Juice) to a trusted friend after the puppy had been bitten both her child and husband, P.K.

It is the opinion of many viewers that Dorit didn’t return Lucy back to Vanderpump Dogs out of embarrassment of the fact that it was actually the second puppy from Vanderpump Dogs that didn’t work out. I completely agree with this.

Shame on Dorit and P.K. for being not so great friends and also being careless with the life of a puppy by not honoring the contract that THEY signed and returning the dog back to Vanderpump Dogs.  Also shame on Lisa and Ken Todd for not holding them accountable for their actions.  What was the point of them signing a contract at all then? Apparently, if you’re a friend of Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd, you can adopt a puppy from Vanderpump Dogs, NOT return it after it doesn’t work out and NOT get charged the fine of $5,000 like the contract you signed says. Good to know.


Unfortunately for Lisa Vanderpump, the focus this season hasn’t been on the fact that Dorit and P.K. were wrong for what they did, but instead focused on whether or not Lisa leaked the story to the press as a way of getting back at them for being careless with Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.

Do I think LVP did it? It’s definitely possible. She does have a history of manipulating situations and making it seem like she had nothing to do with it, no matter how hard she or some of the show’s viewers deny it.  They didn’t let us forget it this season either, with the constant play backs of people getting upset at Lisa, “you told me to say this and then you back out and leave me hanging…” Obviously those aren’t exact the words of anyone, just the gist of what you’ll find in those play backs of LVP’s puppeteering over the years. I just watched an interview today on Bravo.com where she was asked about the manipulation thing and she answered the question exactly how I pictured she would,

“Let me ask you this, how, if you’re a smart woman,  well hypothetically, let’s say they’re all smart women….how could you possibly be manipulated?”

She doesn’t flat out say, “No, I have never manipulated anyone…” because she knows that she has. BUT! to play devil’s advocate here a little bit, LVP is 100% correct. What smart woman would allow herself to be manipulated into doing someone else’s dirty work? Just because LVP guides you in a certain direction doesn’t mean you have to do it and if you are one of those people who can allow themselves to be manipulated into doing someone else’s dirty work then you deserve all the repercussions for your participation. LVP didn’t hold a gun to their heads, they were just being stupid. Period.

If I can give any kind of credit when it comes to this is I think she’s trying to make a good show.”-Lisa Rinna

I agree with Rinna here. Thank you LVP for giving us a great show to watch! Haha.

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Now onto the latest person who claims she was manipulated by LVP….Teddi Mellencamp. Teddi feels that LVP used her to get the story out about Dorit. Is it true? Perhaps but again…no one held a gun to Teddi’s head to make her do the things she did against Dorit. She did that all on her own. I love that she at least owned it though. In the same interview video I watched where I quoted the other ladies above, I grabbed this one from Teddi, “….the story getting out isn’t really the story. It’s the constant behavior of repeatedly doing everything you can (she’s talking about LVP) to make others look bad so you can look good…”

I definitely agree that THIS is what the theme of the season so far, especially with the play backs of Camille, Kyle, Brandi, and Lisa Rinna all talking about LVP’s manipulating behavior over the years. Even the clip of Adrienne accusing LVP of leaking a story.

I have to admit though, when I see a few of the other ladies getting so much hate on Twitter for DARING to go against LVP and THINK she would do such a thing, it’s just not fair WHEN THERE’S CLEARLY A HISTORY of this behavior by her. Doesn’t mean she is guilty this time of course but come on!

I feel that like LVP has high expectations of her friends, she could also learn some lessons in being a good friend. It’s clear to me that in LVP’s world, your friend needs to stick by your side, even when you’re 100% wrong or they’re not your friend. It definitely explains why LVP didn’t hold Dorit accountable and charge her $5,000 for her role in puppygate. How’s that, “I can do no wrong and you can do no wrong as my good friend…” thing working out for you, LVP? Moral of the story is true friends should be able to point out flaws in each other and still keep their friendships in tack if the one offending just owns it, baby!


I’ll end this blog post by saying this: I would like to remind the people sending these women hate tweets that this is a TV SHOW. They are allowing cameras to follow them around so that we can be entertained by the drama…..and we love it, don’t we? I think some of you could tone it down with the hate tweets. These are HUMAN BEINGS. They certainly have their flaws just like you do.  I may love certain housewives more than others but I don’t hate a single one of them. They all bring something very special to the table, let’s be honest. I never send hate tweets to anyone aside from Trump, personally…even with him usually nothing more than an eye roll gif or me comparing him to a bag of Cheetos. LOL!

Okay, I’m out, lovelies! I look forward to the second half of #RHOBH

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Go See #BlackPanther Now!


Hey, beautiful people! I just wanted to give my thoughts on the movie and I promise I won’t give away too many details because you must go see it for yourself!

I wasn’t expecting Black Panther to give me feelings that were any different from any of the Avengers movies, Iron Man movies, Captain America movies etc., etc. but in fact, it did.

As a black woman, I never had plans of going to see this movie because it’s the first black super hero Marvel has given us (as awesome as that is!). I just wanted to go and enjoy another bad ass Marvel super hero movie. As it turned out, as I sat there in the theater and watched the movie, my inner being felt so much love from seeing a MARVEL movie featuring a BLACK super hero, with nearly a full BLACK cast of people playing these amazing characters!…and to sit there and enjoy this movie with a bunch of strangers of all races and nationalities…such a beautiful feeling!

I highly recommend this movie to anyone reading this right now. You have a black king and super hero, you have strong women warriors who are total bad asses right along side him, you have villains who make you laugh (one especially!) and most importantly, make sure you stay a little after the credits start rolling because the Black Panther gives an important, loving message to the human race <3.

Go and see it and come tell me what you think! Thanks for reading!…












You Smile!!! How Bou Dat?!?!


So, you’re like me and your face in its natural state looks like you hate the world? Yeah, I know the feeling. Us resting bitch face folks need to stick together! We need to remind people to stop projecting their own issues with their emotions and face onto us, dammit!


For fun, I wrote a few come-backs for us to use when people try to tell us what to do with our faces. Please email me your own or even some you have found online and I’ll add them to the list any time (MoFunAccessories@gmail.com) or just write them in the comments section, that works as well.


Okay, let’s get to it!

Person: “You should smile…” You: “My dog died. You’re such a jerk!”

Person: “You should smile…” You: *smile at them in a creepy manner and start twitching*

Person:  “You should smile…” You: “You don’t know my LIFE!!!”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “Take off that scary mask and maybe I will.”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “You first, mother trucker!” *have fun watching their face when you say, “trucker”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “I can do better than smile…” *start singing and dancing for them and make sure the song is about the fact they told you to smile*

Person: “You should smile…” You: “You’re right, your funny face is definitely something to smile about.”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “Whatever you say, face police! Just promise you won’t write me a ticket.”

Person: “You should smile…” You: “Okay, but can we take a selfie together and be besties? “ *while getting closer to them and making them feel uncomfortable*

Person: “You should smile…” You: “What’s a smile? Can you explain? Can you demonstrate?”

This was all for fun of course (maybe) but I wanted to write a little something on the subject because I know it’s something that lots of people go through in life. Men go through it too, even if not as often as us ladies. There are also female smile police out there to be fair (trust me, I know).

To anyone who feels the need to police people’s faces? Please. Just stop. Worry about yourself. You don’t know what people are going through in life. You also need to understand that people aren’t walking Disney character masks. THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE. Going through real shit. Trying to survive in this very real world. Just stop.


Many of us have resting bitch face. Yes, it’s true. I’m the queen of thinking I was smiling in a picture when I wasn’t…


….just because we are in the zone with whatever it is we are doing doesn’t always mean we’re not happy. How about this? Work on improving your own inner being. Become a better person so that the creepy, wannabe face cop vibes can be replaced with much better vibes that actually make us want to smile at you without even having to ask us. Sound good? Okay, great.


I’m just going to end this with this amazing video. Love you all! Bye!

Written and Directed by Jessie Weinberg Director of Photography Clay Larsen Starring Allyn Rachel Casey Feigh Ingrid Haas Holly Prazoff Shannon Joy Rodgers Sarah Claspell Jessica Jardine Jane Becker Eliza Hooper Kaitlin Beauchemin Heather Regnier Connie Shin

I Love #TheDeadFiles!


I’ll tell you what, it’s a good thing I logged into Twitter today because I didn’t know that season 8 of The Dead Files was airing tonight! Yayyyy!


The Dead Files has been going hard since 2011 and I’ve been hooked since day one. The show is now in it’s 10th season. It is officially my top favorite paranormal show until something else tops it (I doubt that will ever happen). I’m not just saying this because Amy Allan LITERALLY clicked the link to my Etsy shop where I sell my handmade hair bows and stuff and complimented by work back in 2012 either…


By the way, I thanked her in a separate tweet (so you don’t think I’m an asshole who can’t say, “thank you”. LOL). I was still pretty new to Twitter at that time.


If you’re into the paranormal and you especially love the ghost section of it (I know I do), I highly recommend this show to you (currently airing Saturday nights at 10 on the Travel Channel. Check your local listings to be sure.) if you haven’t seen it.

So, here’s how the show works: you have a family experiencing scary things in their home on a daily basis that are spirit and/or demon related. Things that are effecting family members behavior, health, etc. to the point where they have to call Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi for help.

The way the investigation on this show is done is quite unique because you have two different investigations being done for the location at different times. Let’s also throw in the fact that you have Amy’s husband, Matthew Anderson (I didn’t realize he was her husband until a few years in), a skeptic, filming her as she does her walk through of the location. Him being a skeptic is great because he always asks Amy (the medium) the good questions throughout her walk. Check out this video I found on YouTube of him talking about it a few years back…

So, Matt will go into the house before Amy does to cover up anything and everything that would give her information about the family that lives there so that she is not influenced in any way.  Amy will then enter the home with Matt filming her, discuss what she is seeing as she does her walk and when she has completed the walk, she’ll then go to a sketch artist to have one or two drawings done of her findings. These sketches can be of the spirits of the people she’s come into contact with in the home or other strange creatures like these…

Dead Files SE6 EP5_zps4v2rc5xwd48efb7104b9c773e1206bb67fdc576c

Steve, a retired homicide detective with the N.Y.P.D, will go and do his own separate investigation. He’ll go the local library, speak to town historians, etc. and find out everything he possibly can about the clients home and the land it sits on. Who may have died there? Was there ever another house on the land before the current one? How many families have lived there? He gets all the information and the show ends with Amy and Steve sitting down with the clients in their home together to reveal their findings.

Amy will usually discuss her walk first, Steve will open the envelope with the creepy sketches in it, show them to the clients and then reveal his own findings that end up matching up with everything Amy found out just by walking through the home and interacting with the dead. He’ll even show a picture of someone who used to live there and the person will look like the spirit person she got sketched! Crazy shit, guys!

What I also take away from this show is all of the things you can learn about the spirit world that you may have never known about before. For example, did you know that LIVING PEOPLE like you and I can leave residual spirits behind too?? Did you know that LIVING PEOPLE can create poltergeist activity (P.K. manifestation, I still got it!)? These are things you learn about while watching the show.

Also, if you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home and you’re dealing with some of the things the families on the show are dealing with, stick around until the reveal at the end and pay close attention to Amy’s advice to the family of what they can do to rid their home of the spirits causing them harm. You just may be able to pick up a few tips from her and if not….you can always contact the show for help?? Haha.

A big thanks to Amy, Steve and Matt! Great show! I love it….and the Travel Channel for airing it.

That’s everything I have to say. Oh, one more thing…


Amy! That dress! That hair! Loooooove it! So stunning! Okay, I’m done.  LOL.  Bye, everyone!


EDIT: I just found out that Amy and Matt have not been together for years so that is my mistake! (Sorry, Amy and Matt! Haha).  On the plus side, at least I wasn’t nosy and dug into their personal lives? Clearly. Haha. 

I’m #TeamTeddi On Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills


First of all, let me just say that I have loved the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills since it first aired back in 2010. Eight years just flew by, let me tell you!

Quickly frankly, I enjoy the housewives from all of the cities across the USA that have aired on Bravo. When people say, “Ugh, that city was a dud…” I never feel that way, personally. They’re ALL entertaining to me, as I enjoy watching drama that’s not my own (I even enjoyed the cancelled ones like Potomac and Miami). When ever an episode is on, no matter the city, I’m all eyes and ears, baby. Plus, there’s something very fun about watching how the rich live and behave.

The Beverly Hills housewives have a special place in my heart because they’re fellow Californians (Orange County housewives are too but I’m more drawn to the Beverly Hills housewives) and three of my favorite housewives of all time are among them.

Just in case you’re wondering, my top favorite housewives of all time are (in no particular order): Lisa Vanerpump, Lisa Rinna, Kyle, Erika, Kandi, Kim, Cynthia, Sheree and NeNe.


Getting onto what I wanted to rant about this evening….

I thought it was good of Dorit to apologize to Camille for jokingly calling her a, “stupid cunt.” In fact, based on her not giving a proper apology to Teddi, I was shocked by it. I’ll even rewind it back further and say she owes Rinna an apology as well. Rinna did a bad thing and owned it and I feel like Dorit needs to own up to the fact that she planted some seeds about Rinna possibly having a drug problem. It was something that hurt Rinna and she gave zero fucks about it. Yes, Rinna has put those lips to work and hurt people in the past but guess what? She always owns up to it and that’s why I have her listed as one of my favorites. I give props to anyone who can do what she does because let’s be real, a lot of us have trouble owning up to our mistakes.


Back to the Teddi situation, yes, Dorit should have been more understanding. Yes, she told Teddi, “I’m sorry” a thousand times on the phone but then behind her back is talking about how Teddi is exaggerating the time between the time they were supposed to meet and the time Teddi left after waiting??? Come on now!

Dorit, since you obviously had trouble giving Teddi a proper apology, let me help you out by giving you a script you could have used…

“Teddi, I just want to tell you face to face that I am truly sorry for being late that day. I told you over the phone that I thought I we were supposed to meet at 4:30 and not 4 like you thought but that doesn’t even matter. The point was, I was late and I apologize. I hope we can continue to be friends and it won’t happen again.”

…see how easy that is?…and don’t even get me started on her snobby attitude about wine glasses, champagne glasses and which drink goes in which. There’s nothing wrong with being particular about which drink goes in which glass, for the record. In someone else’s home though? That’s when it becomes officially rude. Some people just don’t care about those things and you have to respect them in their home by keeping quiet about it. Then, in the last episode that aired, Dorit ends up calling Teddi the, “psycho” in the matter?? Oy,  Dorit, we have some work to do, my love ;-).


My Dorit ranting aside, I don’t think she’s a bad person. She actually seems like a person that’s a lot of fun to be around and I find her and her husband’s relationship to be quite adorable. I’m glad she and Erika are in a good place these days after the whole “Panty-Gate” situation last season.

I adore Kyle, Lisa Vanderpump and their friendship and they constantly crack me up during their confessionals (Kyle bouncing up and down in her seat with the “turbulence is fun!” bit had me rollin’).

And last but certainly not least, miss Erika Jane. She is beautiful, talented, inspiring, has her own style, gives zero shits about what people think of her and has a maturity about her that many people these days could learn from.

This concludes everything I wanted to say about the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills tonight. Thanks for reading!


Check out this podcast called, Adderall And Compliments with Annabelle Desisto. She often does Real Housewives show recaps as well as other tv show recaps. You will be hooked, she is hilarious and just an amazing human being in general: Click Here!

Until next time….Byyyyee!!!