How To Make A Basic “No Sew” Felt Hair Bow

Things you’ll need:

  1. A hot glue gun or your strongest, greatest fabric glue.
  2. Some hot glue sticks (hey, leave me alone, there’s always that someone who needs to know…)
  3. An alligator clip, barrette or rubber band you’d like to attach to your bow to (I will be demonstrating with an alligator clip).
  4. Any embellishments you’d like to add to your lovely new bow once it’s finished.

Step ONE: Cut a long rectangular shape out of your felt and a much smaller one that will be going around the center of your bow (See picture).


Step TWO: Take two ends of the rectangle and bring them towards the center and glue them down. I recommend over lapping them just a bit. We will call this side the back of the bow. (See picture).


Step THREE: Hold up the bow with the front facing you and start pinching the center so we can start to get that bow shape we want. You can lay it down and fold it as if you’re folding a paper fan just like you did when you were a kid, whatever you have to do. Make sure it looks nice and neat…or something close to it. LOL. (See picture).


Step FOUR: Tie a piece of string, yarn, anything you have where you’re pinching the bow to hold it in place for you so that you can do the next steps with ease. You’ll be covering it later anyway so don’t worry about what it looks like (See picture).


Step FIVE: Place your bow face down on your work surface with your, “center of the bow” felt strip underneath. BTW, I had to cut mine a little thinner to fit and look nicely in the center of my bow. Always make adjustments where needed (See picture).


Step SIX: Put a dab of glue right there in the center where that thread is and fold the bottom flap of the bow center up to meet it. Press down onto the glue (See picture).


Step SEVEN: Grab that alligator clip and clip it on the top flap of your bow center. It NEEDS to be on correctly so before gluing it, fold that top flap down with the clip on it and see how it looks first. Even if you glued the clip on the incorrect way, it would still work but it would just be a bit awkward to open.

Once you have that alligator clip in the right place, go ahead and fold that flap downwards onto a dab of glue that is right in the center again (glue bottle in picture showing where the glue goes). Hold it in place for a few moments (See pictures).



Step EIGHT: Your lovely felt bow is put together and ready to decorate! I totally forgot to flip the bow around and get the before picture but here comes the after (See picture)!!!



Yayyyyy!!!!! Your felt hair bow is complete. The possibilities are endless with the colors of felt you can use and of course the embellishments. You can even paint designs on them if you wish. Have fun with it!

That’s it for today, folks. Until next time…


17 Awesome Ideas For Children’s Party Activities!


Want to plan a bad ass children’s party that doesn’t leave the kids bored and not having fun like in the photograph above? Β Worry not, my friend, I am here for you and full of ideas that will add a little pizazz to your child’s party!


Here are 17 party ideas you may want to consider…

***Idea #1. Bubble Wands And Bubbles!***

1. Gather the kids together so that they can make their own unique bubble wands of varying sizes. There are many tutorials online that will show you and/or give you ideas on how to do this. Or you can use your imagination and come up with your own bubble wand ideas.

2. Go outside and fill up a kiddie pool (or inside….hey, it’s your house, not mine) with bubbles and let the kids dip their home made bubble wands in and have some fun.

3. Take it up a notch and add food coloring to the bubbles. Obviously, the more colors you want, you’ll be needing more kiddie pools or whatever other bubble containers you may have.

***Idea #2. Jump The River Extreme!***

1. Lay two jump ropes on the ground parallel to each other about a two feet apart. Each child playing will take turns jumping over the, “river.”

2. Once the kids all successfully jump over the river and line up again, it’s now time for one of the jump ropes to be moved a bit farther back so the river is now wider than it was before. They’ll keep jumping over the river until the river is far too wide to jump over. Each kid who lands in between the jump ropes is out of the game. Keep going until there’s one kid standing.

3. Make this game, “extreme” by adding a tarp full of whip cream and chocolate syrup in between the jump ropes after a few rounds and the river starts to get wider. Any kid who can’t jump over it goes straight into the sweet, sticky mess.

***Idea #3. Puppet Show Fun!***

1. Have the kids decorate their own sock puppets.

2. They then can come up with a little puppet show idea and perform.

3. You can even have them design the puppet show stage together out of large pieces of cardboard or you can just do that part yourself before they arrive to the party. Heck, you can even keep it simple and flip a light weight table sideways and call it a day.

***Idea #4. Water Balloon Surprise!***

1.Get some water balloons.

2. Get some little plastic toys that are small enough to go into the water balloons and put them inside.

3. Next comes the water and bam!…an exciting new way for kids to get party favors once they splatter the water balloons onto the grass.

***Idea #5. Pony Bead Jewelry Fun!***

Who doesn’t enjoy making a good ol’ pony bead bracelet?

1. Get some pony beads and pipe cleaners and let the kids make their own jewelry. Using the pipe cleaners actually comes in handy for the little ones who can easily string the beads onto it.

2. Once their beaded creations are finished, all it takes is a twist of the pipe cleaner where needed to secure it onto them.

***Idea #7. Group Painting Fun!***

1. Get out the paint and brushes and water (Oh, my!).

2. Get a cheap white bed sheet and lay it on the grass.

3. Allow the kids to work together to paint whatever they like on the bed sheet.

4. Once their masterpiece is completed, allow it to dry for a while and they will have a fun backdrop for pictures later on.

5.Hang up their backdrop, give them some fun props like hats and glasses and take pictures of them in front of the art that they created together.

***Idea #8. Princess Makeover Party!***

So, the girls are already dressed in their princess costumes for the day, right?

1. With the help of a few moms and/or big sisters, why not set up a few stations for them to get princess make overs?

Stations include: Hair, make up, nails and maybe even a station for decorating princess crowns.

2. Set up a lovely princess feast for them to enjoy, followed by a lovely princess movie and there, you will have accomplished a lovely princess party that they will remember forever.

***Idea #9. Pirate Treasure Hunt Party!***

1. Set the mood by having the Pirates Of The Caribbean movie soundtrack playing (or simply play the movies).

2. Β Maybe the kids can participate in a sword fighting contest. Get some plastic swords or even safer foam swords and let them have at it. The kids with the best moves can win prizes (so basically all of the kids. πŸ˜‚).

3. Send the children on a treasure hunt where they have to find a treasure chest full of goodies they can take home with them.

***Idea #10. Black Light Dance Party!***

1. Bring out your black lights (or buy, if you don’t have them. Bring out the disco balls and strobe lights.

2. Get some neon or white yarn and use it to make string art on the walls that glow in the dark. Use thumb tacks or even better, if there is such a tape that you can tape up yarn with that’ll last for a night, then go for it. Β Get some neon or white balloons too. Use them for decoration and/or let the kids toss them around.

3. Β Come up with some fun glow in the dark games like bowling or even get a chalkboard with glow in the dark chalk and let them play tic tac to

3. Don’t forget the the crank up those kid appropriate tunes and have fun πŸ˜‰.

***Idea #11. Sip And Paint! (Kid Friendly Version)***

1. If you, a friend or a family member can at least somewhat draw, why not show the kids step by step how to draw/paint a little something?

2. Give them snacks and some cool cups they would be excited to drink out of with juice to enjoy while they draw/paint.

3. When they’re done, take a group photo with the kids and their art work. They’ll be proud of their creations.

***Idea #12. Build Your Own Pizza Party!***

1. Get some paper chef hats and aprons and the the kids decorate them with fabric markers (I figure with markers, there’s no wait time before the kids can wear them).

2. But out the pizza toppings and let the kids decorate their own personal pizzas or work together to decorate a large pizza.

3.Bake their pizza creations for them and let them enjoy!

***Idea # 13. Back Yard Camp Out Sleep Over Party!***

1. Set up a tent in the back yard or let the kids build their own blanket fort indoors.

2. Serve up some hot dogs and s’mores (Yummy!). You could allow them to roast their own hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire themselves but depending in their ages, that may be more work for you than necessary….you decide.

3. Here’s a fun game you can play with the kids.

*Get a few dark colored lipsticks. This will be used as face paint for the kids so you could obviously use face paint as well if you can get it.

*Use a plastic knife to cut up the lipstick and put a bit inside little paper cups or whatever you have so each child gets one.

*Sit the kids in front of you in the darkness. A dark room or outside at night. It must be dark enough that you need a flash light to see.

*Shine a flash light on your face and drive invisible lines/designs on your face. The children must dip their fingers into the lipstick or face paint and mimic your every move on their own faces.

*When you are done, turn on the lights and the kids can have a laugh at how silly they all look.

4. If you have a telescope or can borrow one, let the kids look at the moon, stars and whatever planets are visible. Fun times.

5. End the night with a movie for the kids. Get extra fancy and rent a projector and let them watch the movie under the stars. Get creative and move your TV next to the window and get the same effect. Haha.

***Idea #14. Nature Walk And Picnic Party!***

1. Get all the food, drinks and snacks you’ll be needing for the picnic portion if the nature walk. You can even let the kids help pack it, Β which will get them excited about their day ahead πŸ˜€.

2. For the nature walk, go any place you like that is safe for the kids of course. Hell, just take them to the park if you want. Anyway that gets people outdoors is a plus.

3. Think about backpacks or dollar store cloth bags, etc. you’ll be needing for everyone to help transfer the food, etc.

4. One fun activity you could do is have the kids collect cool leaves, flowers, sticks, pebbles, etc. that they can create art projects with once you all get to your picnic destination. They can glue them down on construction paper in cool designs (bring glue) or do that thing we all learned in kindergarten Β (I’m 33 and just found out how to spell that word right now. I thought it was “kindergarden”) where you cover leaves with a piece of paper and color over the paper with crayons and watch the shapes of the leaves underneath the paper form before your eyes. Use your imagination and have fun.

5. Enjoy your picnic lunch and enjoy the rest of your day!

***Idea #15. Mad Scientist Party!***

1. Come up with some science experiments that you can show the kids and allow them to participate in.

2. Get some cheap aprons, gloves, goggles, etc….whatever you need to get to keep everyone as clean and safe as possible for the experiments.

3. Serve up some science themed food, drinks and/or snacks…maybe the kids can even help make something if it’s simple enough.

4. Set them up with a science related movie or tv show: Flubber, Frankenstein, Bill Nye The Science Guy, The Munsters….you get were I’m going with this πŸ˜‰.

***Idea # 16. Water Obstacle Course Party!***

1. As I write this, spring is here and summer will be here before we know it so setting up a water themed obstacle course for the kids could be fun for everyone!

2. Things you could use: blow up kiddie pools, pool noodles, slip and slides, water balloons, water hose, toy boats, jump ropes, hula hoops, inner tubes (pool donuts).

3. Example of a water obstacle course: *1st- place a few pool noodles flat on the ground for them to Β jump over. *2nd-they jump into the first kiddie pool where they have to fish out three water balloons and toss them through a hula hoop someone is holding before stepping through the hula hoop themselves. *3rd- they must then slip and slide to where another kiddie pool is waiting. *4th-child pick up a toy boat and place it in the kiddie pool near them at the “starting point” they can blow with their mouth or use a water gun to squirt at the toy boat but it has to reach the other side of the kiddie pool without their fingers touching the boat. So if you have two of these water obstacle courses set up side by side, imagine how fun this Β could be! The toy boat that makes it to the “finish line” first marks the winner. Or time the kids one by one and the best time wins. Just like they do on TV. What if someone video taped and narrated just like on TV and you all can way the playback later? See? I’m full of ideas πŸ˜‚.

3. The possibilities are endless, use your imagination and always keep in mind everyone’s safety when coming up with your cool ideas for the water obstacle course 😊.

***Idea #17. Mini Backyard Carnival Party!***

1. Get some helpers to work different stations where the kids can walk up and play games and win prizes, get food, drinks, snacks, etc.

2. You can even have helpers who can do face painting, balloon animals, characature drawings, etc.

3. Get a Jolly Jump and/or think of other creative, fun ideas to make your child’s party more carnival like (dance contests, three legged race, etc.) 😊.

This concludes my list of 17 children’s party activity ideas! I hope you liked at least one of them and if you did? Mission accomplished πŸ˜‰ πŸ’œ.

See A Penny? Pick It Up!

….and all day long you’ll have good luck! πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

We’ve all heard that one before, right? Is there really something to this old saying though? Why, yes! Yes there is!

About a year ago when I was feeling down because I was out of a job (I may have referred to my female boss as a male body part online), I began to learn about the law of attraction and how to manifest more money into my life. Through a positive attitude and some different meditation techniques, you’d be surprised what good you can bring into your life πŸ˜ƒ.

Where’s a good place to start to start bringing in that $$$? Start picking up those pennies, damn it (I yell at you with love πŸ’œ)! Watch this video…

Interesting, huh? And just in case you didn’t watch it yet I’ll summarize it for you: by walking by change on the street instead of picking it up, you are sending a message to God, the universe, whomever (did I even use that correctly? Let’s pretend I did…) you believe in that you don’t need it. It makes total sense, right?

Start picking up change whenever you find it, even if you find it in your own house and you know it’s yours and just give a silent, “thank you” and you’ll begin to notice that more and more will show up.

I can say that this actually works. I used to be that girl that was too lazy to pick up a penny or even would throw them in the trash (the horror! 😱😱😱) but nope! Not any more. I remember finding nearly 30 cents total during a walk one day after I first learned about this. It was a gradual climb to me finding that near 30 cents in a day. It started with me finding a penny a day and then maybe another day I would find ten cents and so on and so forth. I’d pick up the change, say, “thank you, God, universe, aliens, angels, fairies, who ever is listening….” and go on about my day.

That is the key to your success when trying to manifest everything that you want in life, including money: just say, “thank you” for everything that you already have….even that penny 😊.

Another great way to manifest the things you want is by visualization or meditation. Play this, for example….

…find yourself a nice, quiet spot. Close your eyes and think about the things you want in life and picture those things in your head as if they are already yours. Make a habit of meditating when you can because it does work. Actually, I think my comment (user name: MJistheBOMB, video above on YouTube) is still the first one you see of my experience with it so go read for yourself. I’m kinda laughing to myself right now because I totally mentioned the penny thing there too. Haha. At least you guys know I mean what I say on this. LOL. Take care!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

32 Random Things About Me


1. I’m 32 years old (right about now you’re saying, “I see what you did there…πŸ˜‰).

2. I love arts and crafts.

3. I just recently joined Snap Chat and think it’s awesome.

4. I’m an introvert but definitely love to get out and be with friends and family whenever I can.

5. I love cats.

6. Β I love YouTube because there is so much you can watch and learn there.

7. I envy make up artists and what they can do with make up. Just amazing.

8. I have a user name, MJistheBOMB, that I have used since I was 14 years old. It was originally going to be NiqueLovesMJ but my mom said, “you don’t love anyone at 14, delete that and make a new one.” Good call, mom. πŸ˜‚

9. Yes, “MJ” is for Michael Jackson. I was a hardcore MJ fan for many years until just before he died, I had cooled down a bit. Haha. Then after he died, Β I saw, “This Is It” about six times in the theater and that was sort of my way of saying, “good bye.” to him. I will always have love for the King Of Pop.

10. Best vacation in my life was in 2011 when I took my younger sisters on a Disney Cruise. We took the Disney Wonder (ship) to the Mexican Riviera and visited Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. Β There is nothing like being on a ship with nothing but ocean around you and having fun while traveling to a destination to go have more fun. Haha.

11. Now regretting that I chose 32 things that I have to write about me 😜.

12. I’ve been to MJ’s Neverland Valley Ranch 5 times back in the day when he still lived there. MJ fan heaven, let me tell you.

13. I love clouds and just looking up at the stars at night. Beautiful.

14. The journey of getting to where I want to be in life is fun. Even the times when I feel low, I know that it will alwaysΒ work out for me in the end.

15. Every time I receive a “like” on a hair bow I made or something, it makes me smile. I love that people love he things I create.

16. I love following arts and crafter’s like Mr. Kate and IdunnGoddess on YouTube. Their creations often inspire me. I can see something and say, “hey, I can use that technique on a hair bow!” It’s really cool how that happens. Getting inspirations from others or even the most random things for your art.

17. I love nature. I love flowers.

18. I love my mom and my sisters (Roxanne, Jennifer and Anna). They make me happy and are fun to be around.

19. I’m currently the happiest I’ve ever been in life after being away from a job I grew to hate for about a year now. I now know that it’s possible to have a job out there and be happy and content with everything.

20. I’m a cook at a small pizza restaurant which is far better than that icky casino (almost 12 years there) that turned me into a devil person that’s not who I am (completely 😈😈😈).

21. My first job was at VONS at age 17.

22. My dream is to work from home full time making hair accessories and I’m going to work hard towards that dream.

23. I have a cat named Duce. I have roommates and they have two cats named Meow-Meows and Mr. McMittens and two sibling pit bulls named Dozer and Teva.

24. I have a fascination with space and planets. I even watched an entire Astronomy 101 series recently on YouTube πŸ˜….

25. Anything paranormal or cryptozoology related, count me in! Been into it since I was a young teen.

26.Β Been listening to Stassi’s Schroeder’s (from Vander pump Rules, great Bravo reality show) podcast for over a year now and I love it. Home girl is really funny, crazy, relatable and is also into the paranormal. Love her.

27. I love sweet wine and recently decided that I will only order wine when I go out drinking with friends because that stuff gets you drunk fast. I Β don’t drink much so I just realized this πŸ˜‚.

28. I love The Big Bang Theory and have been to about 30 tapings of it.

29. I’m a strong believer in not letting your talents go to waste. Find out what they are and make something happen.

30. Top favorite colors: green, purple, pink and orange.

31. Favorite fashions: anything vintage or vintage inspired, boho and alternative. Mostly, I’m in a T-shirt and jeans though. Haha.

32. I made it! I’m not writing anything here but this. Have a lovely day. You’re beautiful.