What Is Sleep Paralysis?


I’m sure that by now, many of us have either heard of and/or experienced sleep paralysis. I’m guilty on both counts. Here is an interesting video that a friend shared on Facebook today…

…and another great video on the subject from one of the greatest YouTube channel’s I’ve ever come across, Top5s…

For years, I never really had a clear understanding of what causes sleep paralysis because I’ve heard of many different explanations.

The first explanation I ever heard was from a psychic medium named Sylvia Browne, who used to be on the Montel Williams show every Wednesday (remember, back in the day, fellow Americans?). I was a kid and I have no idea why I still remember this but I remember an audience member standing up and telling Sylvia about her sleep paralysis experience and wondering what caused it. Sylvia told the woman that when we have sleep paralysis, it’s because while we sleep, our spirits leave our bodies (to do what? I wonder???) and when they return, sometimes sleep paralysis can occur just as our spirits are re-entering our bodies. Sounds insane, right? Hey, I’m just the messenger. Haha.


During my very first sleep paralysis episode 10 years ago, I saw an image (eyes closed) of a woman’s torso going into my body over and over again, as if she was on a wheel or something, entering my body, going through it and under my bed and re-entering. She was wearing a Victorian style dress (white with black accents) and that was all I saw going into my body…not even her face. That image was accompanied by the sound of a train on train tracks. I remember being so scared because I felt like I was being held down and had trouble breathing and I couldn’t even scream. It was terrifying!

After that scary experience, I obviously wanted to know what the hell happened to me and why. One of the first videos I came across on YouTube mentioned that visiting a psychic can cause one to have sleep paralysis. It apparently opens some kind of portal. This struck a nerve with me because I had, in fact, very recently made a visit to a psychic for the first time. I took a mental note of that as a possible answer and moved on with my life.

I’ve experienced sleep paralysis probably about 5 or 6 times after the first time over the last 10 years. The scariest part is when you feel like you can’t breathe properly. Although I did have an experience where I saw a vision (eyes closed) of a devil hovering over me and smiling in my face as he held me down.

Another time, while I experiencing sleep paralysis while sleeping on my stomach, I definitely felt FINGERS pressing down on my upper back, shoulder area which was very creepy. What kind of shit is this, where sleep paralysis can make you feel someone else’s fingers on your body??? Strange stuff.


While I am more on the side of believing that the cause of sleep paralysis has to do with stress, depression, anxiety, etc. (I was always dealing with stressful situations during the times I had sleep paralysis, so it makes sense), I do also believe that there are other factors that can come into play when it comes to people feeling like they’re being held down in their beds at night, struggling to breathe. For example, if a person is living in a haunted house, there’s a chance that they’re experiencing something that’s a little less sleep paralysis and a little more of a not-so-nice spirit trying to get their attention. And who knows? Perhaps there is some type of sleep paralysis portal that can open up after visiting a psychic for one reason or another?

There are so many possible causes that very well could be true for anyone but there is one solution that could help with each cause and that is to simply do your best to take care of yourself always. Sometimes when we are going through stressful situations, for some reason, it just brings on more of the bad and sometimes, sleep paralysis can come into play. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep and all that other good stuff you need.

Feel free to do your own research on sleep paralysis to find out more and even how you can stop it…or at least mostly stop it. Okay, this concludes my random post on sleep paralysis. Haha. Byyyeeee!



I Love #TheDeadFiles!


I’ll tell you what, it’s a good thing I logged into Twitter today because I didn’t know that season 8 of The Dead Files was airing tonight! Yayyyy!


The Dead Files has been going hard since 2011 and I’ve been hooked since day one. The show is now in it’s 10th season. It is officially my top favorite paranormal show until something else tops it (I doubt that will ever happen). I’m not just saying this because Amy Allan LITERALLY clicked the link to my Etsy shop where I sell my handmade hair bows and stuff and complimented by work back in 2012 either…


By the way, I thanked her in a separate tweet (so you don’t think I’m an asshole who can’t say, “thank you”. LOL). I was still pretty new to Twitter at that time.


If you’re into the paranormal and you especially love the ghost section of it (I know I do), I highly recommend this show to you (currently airing Saturday nights at 10 on the Travel Channel. Check your local listings to be sure.) if you haven’t seen it.

So, here’s how the show works: you have a family experiencing scary things in their home on a daily basis that are spirit and/or demon related. Things that are effecting family members behavior, health, etc. to the point where they have to call Amy Allan and Steve DiSchiavi for help.

The way the investigation on this show is done is quite unique because you have two different investigations being done for the location at different times. Let’s also throw in the fact that you have Amy’s husband, Matthew Anderson (I didn’t realize he was her husband until a few years in), a skeptic, filming her as she does her walk through of the location. Him being a skeptic is great because he always asks Amy (the medium) the good questions throughout her walk. Check out this video I found on YouTube of him talking about it a few years back…

So, Matt will go into the house before Amy does to cover up anything and everything that would give her information about the family that lives there so that she is not influenced in any way.  Amy will then enter the home with Matt filming her, discuss what she is seeing as she does her walk and when she has completed the walk, she’ll then go to a sketch artist to have one or two drawings done of her findings. These sketches can be of the spirits of the people she’s come into contact with in the home or other strange creatures like these…

Dead Files SE6 EP5_zps4v2rc5xwd48efb7104b9c773e1206bb67fdc576c

Steve, a retired homicide detective with the N.Y.P.D, will go and do his own separate investigation. He’ll go the local library, speak to town historians, etc. and find out everything he possibly can about the clients home and the land it sits on. Who may have died there? Was there ever another house on the land before the current one? How many families have lived there? He gets all the information and the show ends with Amy and Steve sitting down with the clients in their home together to reveal their findings.

Amy will usually discuss her walk first, Steve will open the envelope with the creepy sketches in it, show them to the clients and then reveal his own findings that end up matching up with everything Amy found out just by walking through the home and interacting with the dead. He’ll even show a picture of someone who used to live there and the person will look like the spirit person she got sketched! Crazy shit, guys!

What I also take away from this show is all of the things you can learn about the spirit world that you may have never known about before. For example, did you know that LIVING PEOPLE like you and I can leave residual spirits behind too?? Did you know that LIVING PEOPLE can create poltergeist activity (P.K. manifestation, I still got it!)? These are things you learn about while watching the show.

Also, if you are experiencing paranormal activity in your home and you’re dealing with some of the things the families on the show are dealing with, stick around until the reveal at the end and pay close attention to Amy’s advice to the family of what they can do to rid their home of the spirits causing them harm. You just may be able to pick up a few tips from her and if not….you can always contact the show for help?? Haha.

A big thanks to Amy, Steve and Matt! Great show! I love it….and the Travel Channel for airing it.

That’s everything I have to say. Oh, one more thing…


Amy! That dress! That hair! Loooooove it! So stunning! Okay, I’m done.  LOL.  Bye, everyone!


EDIT: I just found out that Amy and Matt have not been together for years so that is my mistake! (Sorry, Amy and Matt! Haha).  On the plus side, at least I wasn’t nosy and dug into their personal lives? Clearly. Haha. 

The Winchester Mystery House


Hey beautiful people who are also paranormal nerds like myself!

I’ve seen that new movie preview, “Winchester”, a few times now and when I first saw it (without knowing the title yet), only a few seconds of it had to go by before I knew exactly the real life house the movie is based on. The Winchester Mystery House.

I first learned of this house years back on the Travel Channel. I’ve seen it covered on Ghosts Adventures and definitely other shows as well.

Right off the top of my head I can tell you that the Winchester Mystery House it located in San Jose, California. A woman who owned a company that produced guns, built herself the mansion and later found herself experiencing paranormal activity.  She assumed she was probably being haunted by the spirits of those who were killed by those very guns.

To appease the spirits, she was under the impression that she needed to keep on building  onto the house….forever. The house features many doors and stairways that lead to no where, etc, etc. Construction on the house continued until she died.

Now that I’ve told you what I remember (although some of it I may have never learned and could have made up in my head), I’m now going to do a little research and tell the story a little better for you all. Stay tuned….


The original owner of the house was named Sarah Winchester. Her husband and owner of a company called, “Winchester Repeating Arms Company,” was named William Wirt Winchester. They both lived in New Haven, Connecticut where the company was also located. They married in 1862 and had a daughter named Annie Pardee Winchester  4 years into their marriage. Sadly, Annie passed away after just over 30 days from a disease called marasmus.  The couple never had any more children.


When William died in 1881 from tuberculosis, Sarah inherited over 20 million dollars as well as 50% of the company. She very quickly became a very wealthy woman.


While still living in New Haven, a psychic medium advised Sarah, after channeling her husband William from the other side, that she needs to move out west and build a home for herself that also must be shared with the spirits of those who lost their lives from the rifles sold at the company…………and never stop building! Although, the psychic medium bit was just a tabloid story at the time so we don’t know if it’s true. It very well could have been Sarah who felt the need to do this on her own.

In 1884, she moved to San Jose, California and purchased an unfinished farm house. She hired carpenters to start working immediately on the home. They built and built and built and before they knew it they were working with a seven story monster of a mansion!

  • 20,500 gallons of paint were used to paint the house.
  • 40 bedrooms.
  • 2 ballrooms.
  • 47 fire places.
  • 10,000 panes of glass.
  • 17 chimneys.
  • 3 elevators.
  • 2 basements.
  • 162 acres.

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL of that and she only had ONE working toilet.


My thoughts exactly, Chrissy Teigen.



Sarah Winchester was an odd little birdie, building stair cases that lead straight to ceilings, doors that lead to nothing but walls on the other side of them, rooms that lead to other rooms, sky lights in floors and repeat numbers throughout the entire mansion among other things. She passed away on September 5th, 1922.

There are many different theories out there as to why Sarah Winchester constructed all these strange features within the home but in my opinion, in a home that never ends, why does anything inside of it need to make any sense?



I look forward to seeing this new scary movie based on it and I hope to some day visit the real thing as well!

Here’s the official website if any of you want to visit The Winchester Mystery House yourself (if you do, send me pics!): Click Here

Well, that’s all folks! I hope you all got the gist of it. There is far more information that I left out but feel free to go to do some more research on it if you care to.

Until next time….



Ghost Stories, Anyone? Vol. 3



HAPPY HALLOWEENNNNNN!!! I hope you’re all having a lovely day! It’s what some would call a “gloomy” day where I live because of the cloud cover but usually a gloomy day has me like…

giphy (5).gif

LOL…Anyway, we’ll start off with my first and only vacation in England back in 2002. I was 18 years old and I went with my best friend, her mom, brother and a mother daughter duo that were friends of the family.

We stayed at a lovely bed (I almost typed bread) and breakfast in London at one point. It was a farm house. I can’t remember if we stayed for more than one night but the night but I stayed in a room with my best friend and her brother. There were three beds in the room.

Late one night as we slept, we were suddenly awakened by my best friends bed slamming to the ground. I wake up quickly and in the darkness I see a shadow of a tall man with a wide brimmed hat coming at me in the darkness. I nearly fall out of my bed trying to avoid him and he disappears by the time he reaches me. His message was clear without words: “get the hell out of here!”

My friends brother says to his sister (and I), “Your bed was lifted off the floor!!!” She was still pretty much out of it at the time and didn’t have much of a response. It’s quite funny to think about now actually, how calm all three of us were about it. A floating bed followed by me seeing a ghost walk towards me in anger. It couldn’t have been any more clear that we were not wanted in that room by someone who was no longer alive and we lay our heads back down, “K, night guys…” LOL.


giphy (3)

This next story takes place about 8 years before at my best friends house. It was her birthday slumber party. There were about 10 of us little girls ranging from ages 8 to 10 years of age.

Against my friend’s mother’s wishes, our friend sneaked next door to her house to grab her ouija board and brought it back to us. All of us little girls were seated on a fold out bed in the garage. It was one of those couches that had a fold out bed, to help paint a picture.

We had no idea what we were doing with the ouija board, nor did we really care to take it seriously, as we moved the planchette (I had to google what the hell that thing was called) around ourselves and giggled. Although the girl who brought the game over thought it was moving on it’s own and said, “Oh, my goshhhhh!” as she looked on.

Out of no where, the part of the bed that was opposite of where the couch cushions would be if the bed was folded back in place started lifting off of the ground with all of us on it. So just imagine about 10 little girls suddenly sliding towards the couch as the bed is being lifted off the floor, screaming their heads off. My best friends mom comes out into the garage, “I told you not to bring that thing over here!!!”

This is an example of how powerful these boards can be.  We were just playing around with it, hadn’t even lit a candle or asked a single question I don’t think and boom! There was a spirit lurking about thinking, “you think this is a game? I’ll show you what’s up.”

So, please be careful, fellow paranormal nerds. Know what you’re getting yourself into if you ever have the urge to make contact with those on the other side, how ever you choose to do it. There are people who have good experiences, there are people who have bad experiences. I personally wouldn’t like to risk it.

giphy (6).gif

That concludes all of my ghostly experiences that were worthy of a share! I hope you all enjoyed them! I’m gonna leave you with a bonus true story that’s NOT a ghost story but definitely out ranks them all on the scary meter.

In my mid 20s when I still worked at the casino as a cook, two of my co-workers and one of their cousins did a road trip to Mexico (we live in southern, California so it’s not a huge, huge, drive) to go enjoy the night life and hit up some clubs. Three women. I couldn’t tell you where they went in Mexico exactly…maybe TJ or something.

Anyway, they’re in a club dancing, having a great time, the cousin found a cute guy to dance with, she’s making out with him all night. He invited them all to his house later but they all declined and parted ways. Cut to the cousin going to the doctor because she gets a strange rash around her mouth which she assumes is from kissing this guy.

The doctor tells her, “go back to Mexico and contact the police immediately! This is the kind of rash one gets when they eat people.” That’s right. She was making out with a possible cannibal.

Needless to say, they were smart to not go to his home. Be safe out there, people. I’m sure most of us are guilty of leaving the club with people we just met to go hang out else where but at the very least, have a few people with you so you can all beat the shit out of the guy as a team if he tries something. Haha.

Don’t live your life in fear (I know this story is a huge buzzkill, even I’m thinking back to times I could have been harmed or killed)…enjoy it! But definitely think things through before acting <3.

Until next time, folks….

Ghost Stories, Anyone? Vol. 2


Okay, ladies and gents! The time has come for another installation of my ghostly experiences. Let’s seeeee……I guess I can start with my most recent ghostly experience.

Earlier this year, I had to go through the most awful experience of losing my cat (also the family cat), Duce. He was 14 years old.


To anyone who has lost a pet, I completely feel your pain and I’m so sorry for your loss. This was my first time experiencing such pain in my 33 years of life. In my situation there’s some guilt added onto it because my money wasn’t right at the time because of a job I lost (the place I was working at closed down out of no where) and had I had enough cash on me, he would be still be alive. Because I failed to learn the importance of actually putting money aside sometimes, he is now gone forever. I’ve told him I’m so sorry a million times by now and cried so many tears but at least I know one thing for sure: he knew how much I loved him.

He may have even paid me a visit at least twice since he passed. One night, I had fallen asleep on the couch and suddenly something bumped my arm to the point where I had to wake up and raise my head to look. I didn’t see him with my eyes but I definitely got a flash vision of him in my mind and I knew instantly the Duce was just saying, “hello.”

The second time he visited me, I was in at the kitchen table doing crafts. I got up from the table and moved towards the living room when I see from the side of my eye, what looked like a black cat walking away from just where I was sitting in the kitchen…as if Duce had been sitting by my side as I was in the chair.

As guilty as I felt for him being gone, those two moments will stick with me forever because I know that he still loves me like I do him. I’ve heard stories that when we, ourselves die and cross over, we will be reunited with out pets as well as other loved ones. I can’t wait to see him again. Love you, Duce!

giphy (1).gif

Okay, now that I’ve shed enough tears while writing, let’s move on to the next one…

I mentioned the ghostly experiences at the casino in Vol. 1. Well, my house was about 4 minutes away and quite frankly, I think the whole area experienced spirit activity thanks to everything being built on the grounds where the Luiseño Native Americans once lived.

I’ve experienced the power being shut off at my friends house across the street from where I lived more than once. We’d be watching a movie and suddenly everything goes shuts off, we go outside to find the power box open and no one around. One night, we were outside and I saw a dark shadow near that box and I thought to myself,  “A-ha! I knew it was a ghost.” I said out loud to my friend, “who is over there?” My friend replied, “Monique, there’s no one there.”

Her little brother once told us that one night, while she was spending the night at my house, he definitely saw “her” in her room or something at one point and was creeped out after he called out to her and she was trance like and didn’t respond. Was there a ghost pretending to be her??

A few houses down the way, my friend was babysitting one day. At one point she looked to the top of the stairs to see a child standing there who definitely wasn’t one of the kids she was babysitting.

In my house, the thing that sticks out the most would be the random knocking on walls that my two little sisters and I would hear every once in a while. One day I mentioned it to my mom and she said, “Monique, stop! You’re gonna scare your sisters (my sisters weren’t scared of knocks, for the record).” Funny thing is, another day, I was in the living room with her and there was a *knock! knock! knock!* right on the wall behind her. I pretended I didn’t hear it so that I could watch her turn around and look to see where it was coming from and then laugh inside like, “Ha! you heard it too!”

My youngest little sister experienced things here and there…one time when she was about 13, I saw her crying and go running to my mom’s room and ask if she could sleep with her in her bed. I never asked her what she experienced because she was always the kind of person who would keep those things to herself. I was once told by a psychic that, I, “see spirits” and I think my sister is also sensitive in that way. Those who are more open in that way will experience more than others.

I’ve experienced hearing a glass jar lid lifting and slamming back down to the point where my mom woke up and asked me what the heck I was doing. I think the ghost was telling on me because I was on the computer that I was restricted from at the time. What a jerk. 😉 LOL.

giphy (2)

So, this concludes, Ghost Stories, Anyone? Vol. 2. I really enjoy writing out my experiences for you guys! Once Vol. 3 is done, that will be the end of my own experiences for right now but perhaps I can do research on other well known or not so well known paranormal events all over the world and write about those. We’ll see how it goes :-).

Tell me your ghost stories in the comments or e-mail them to me anytime!

Until next time, folks …